Lyandria Kelerash


Lyandria is a decent example of elven beauty, cute but not overly so. Her eyes, deep pools of emerald, but beautifully colored in a vibrant array of light and life that someone could get lost in for hours. Between these was a small button nose that added to her innocent appearance. Lips, full and soft, seem to dance between smiles of delight and mischievousness. The shape of her face and the features of it promised some of nearly unmatched beauty and kindness. Stunning would not be an adjective to do Lyrandria’s figure justice.

Like her face it was something supernaturally blessed with beauty. It had a semi-hourglass shape to it, thick in a healthy and full figured way. Her limbs held the edges of muscle tone, just enough to look fit, but not enough to disrupt the soft, feminine appearance her body had. With slender shoulders and delicate hands it would lead one to underestimate the elf. It was almost unfair with how much she seemed to have going for her. Her chest was large and full, seeming to strain all outfits minus those she has to get custom made. The impressive bust tapered down to a waist that lacked abs and was not super slim, but it was healthy and toned. This turned into hips that flared out seductively and rounded to a rather large rump and thighs that were just thick enough to draw attention, but weren’t considered unhealthy. While all soft, it was the supple beauty of a healthy woman rather than being overweight, though judging from how much she ate and how full her curves were, there had to be at least two places where it all went. Or at least that is the rumors going around.


Lyandria Kelerash

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